Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Sure chamber vacuum sealers are pretty bulky and costly for the casual user but they are efficient and accurate. With an impressive 99.6% or higher vacuum creation efficiency, they are ideal for small size businesses and home use where high quality food packaging is paramount. I personally prefer these over the external types any day because of their hands-free nature. Moreover, I find the associated costs are generally much lower with a chamber sealer.

Another point worth noting is the cool down period after a few batches. External sealers use a sealing hot rod that can lose its integrity due to repeated use but a chamber vacuum sealer can easily manage 40 plus bags in just one hour and still take more. Add to this the precision control over the vacuum cycle, you get the ability to tightly regulate packaging as necessary.

Your Checklist When Buying A Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Bigger the chamber size, bigger the bags it can take and hence more leeway in what you can and cannot seal. This does not mean that a large chamber sealer cannot take smaller bags, but the reverse does not hold true as the entire bag and its contents must completely sit inside the chamber for a vacuum to form. So, go larger than what you ideally think you need.
Some models come with the ability to hook up a nitrogen tank so as to create a perfect vacuum in the bag and yet maintain the puffiness. This is necessary when you are packaging fragile food items and can’t have the entire bag collapse on itself. Not all models provide this option and you don’t always need it but if you think you do keep an eye out for my reviews that mention Nitrogen Sealing exclusively.
The one area where chamber vacuum sealers aren’t your first choice – liquid packaging. Due to the nature of the chamber design, trying to seal liquids in a chamber sealer is never a good idea. If you want to keep this option alive then look for machines with an angular face to you can at least keep the pouch opening on a higher elevation than the rest of the bag.
Wish to seal canisters, jars and the likes? Well not all chamber sealers are quite capable of the same. You need models that offer an external hose attachment specifically designed for external sealing purposes.
At the end of the day, everything boils down to how cost effective is any appliance. Something like a grinder comes handy on a regular basis so spending lavishly there does make sense. Alternatively, a juicer is more of a convenience appliance since not everyone wants to juice so buying a top-of-the-line juicer isn’t always advisable. Likewise, vacuum sealing isn’t a necessity for all and unless it is, I advise an introspective glance into how you plan on using your new sealer before deciding on one. Best way to do so is figure out how frequently you plan on using it. Your new chamber vacuum sealer’s cost must justify this.

Top Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

VacMaster VP210

Equipped with cutting-edge technology to double seal and vacuum package all kinds of solid, semi-solid and liquid foods, the VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a heavy duty machine that boasts of an industrial design and high-speed, effort-free functionality. Besides, it works great with bags other than proprietary vacmaster bags.

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VacMaster DUO550

I like to believe the VacMaster DUO550 is more of a chamber sealer than an external suction type sealer. While it plays both roles quite well, in my opinion because of its shape and versatility with vacuum bags it ought to fall under the category of Chamber Sealers. Totally worth investing, take care of all kinds of sealing needs with a single compact machine – the VacMaster DUO550!

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VacMaster VP112S

In just under $700 this has to be the most reliable and affordable chamber type sealer in the market. The VacMaster VP112S is by all means a commercially viable machine but designed for the domestic user and hence it isn’t as large or bulky as the industrial grade units otherwise so prevalent. A highly reliable pump and motor, compact body and a durable construction sets this chamber vacuum sealer apart from the rest.

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